Workforce Management Solutions,
Winnipeg Manitoba

LANGUI Systems Inc is a leader in Workforce Management Solutions.  Our team has designed, implemented and supported a generic Workforce Management System (WMS) called D This concept allows us to easily customize it and create a specific solution for different company requirements that have the following architecture requirements:

  1. An extensive mobile and remote workforce,
  2.  A need to closely monitor employee training, skills, qualifications,
  3.  A need to accurately control what client requirements are needed at specific worksites,
  4.  A need to efficiently schedule personnel at these remote work sites,
  5.  A need to easily and securely disseminate critical business documents between clients, employee and other people of interest.
  6.  A need to allow remote workers to check-in and report on their work activities using either smartphones / tablets, PC based Employee Portal or Integrated Voice Recordings (IVR)
  7.  A need to have an extensive employee and client reporting system.

Our workforce management solutions can be provided to small office groups or to larger, national companies that have divisions and workforces across the country.  We also allow clients to host their own applications internally, on 3rd party cloud based services or we can host them on the cloud for you.


For security companies: we have a full range of features to allow them to manage their employees and client posts.


For construction companies: create specific worksites, assign full time or subcontractors, & manage efficiently.

Sectors we can provide Workforce Management Solutions for:

  • Security
    • Scheduling security personnel for round-the-clock surveillance.
    • Managing shifts for security guards at different locations.
    • Ensuring compliance with security regulations and certifications.
    • Adapting to unexpected security incidents and emergencies.
  • Construction
    • Coordinating construction crews and project timelines.
    • Managing diverse skill sets and certifications.
    • Adapting to weather-related challenges and project delays.
    • Assigning subcontractors to tasks or phases.
  • Transportation and Logistics
    • Coordinating driver schedules and routes.
    • Managing warehouse staff and optimizing workflows.
    • Adapting to changing delivery demands.
  • Healthcare
    • Managing shifts for healthcare professionals.
    • Ensuring compliance with staffing regulations.
    • Streamlining scheduling for nurses, doctors, and support staff.
  • Retail
    • Optimizing employee schedules for peak business hours.
    • Balancing part-time and full-time workforce needs.
    • Addressing seasonal fluctuations in staffing requirements.
  • Manufacturing
    • Coordinating production schedules with workforce availability.
    • Tracking employee attendance and productivity.
    • Managing diverse shifts and skill sets.
  • Hospitality
    • Handling varying demand in the hospitality industry.
    • Scheduling staff for different roles (front desk, housekeeping, catering).
    • Adapting to events and seasonal changes.
  • Customer Service/Call Centers
    • Ensuring sufficient staffing for customer support.
    • Managing shifts for 24/7 support.
    • Monitoring performance metrics and optimizing workforce efficiency.
  • Education
    • Scheduling teachers, administrative staff, and support personnel.
    • Adapting to academic calendars and special events.
    • Managing substitute teacher scheduling.
  • Information Technology (IT)
    • Optimizing project-based workforce management.
    • Allocating resources for various projects and tasks.
    • Balancing workload and preventing burnout.
  • Finance
    • Managing schedules for financial analysts and advisors.
    • Addressing compliance and regulatory staffing requirements.
    • Adapting to peak periods like tax seasons.

Workforce Management Solutions developed by LANGUI Systems Inc. offer a spectrum of advantages, enhancing operational efficiency across diverse sectors.

These systems streamline scheduling, ensuring optimal staffing levels to meet demand fluctuations. Improved resource allocation leads to increased productivity, cost savings, and minimized labor expenses. Real-time monitoring enables businesses to track employee attendance, manage leaves, and uphold regulatory compliance effortlessly. Enhanced communication and collaboration are facilitated, fostering a more engaged workforce.

Additionally, data-driven insights empower decision-making, enabling businesses to adapt to changing circumstances promptly. With features such as predictive analytics and automated workflows, Workforce Management Solutions pave the way for agility, efficiency, and overall organizational success.